What Is A Good Dissertation Proposal And How To Create It?

Writing a dissertation is one of the toughest jobs a student has to complete in a college or university. But you cannot disown the fact that it is the only way you can show your originality in doing research.

Dissertation means a new piece of research, something which is yet to be explored. Therefore, it goes without saying that you have to work a lot on your analytical and cognitive skills and expand your knowledge base to come up with something authentic. A number of students become sceptic on thinking this. Since this kind of writing needs a number of academic technicalities to be maintained, they are apprehensive even to approach for these kinds of writings.

For your convenience, let us see how to write a proposal for your topic.

How to write a proposal?

  • Introduction
  • One of the most important parts of your paper is the introduction section. This is a place which gives you the opportunity to convince your reader about why you are genuinely interested in this area. The introduction section shall focus on your research question, your sample and what you want to find out or your hypothesis. Since this is the most important area which will attract considerable attention, you have to spend a qualitative time to build up your study.

    • a. Study your topic well. Gather as many data and points as you can regarding your subject.
    • b. Go through previous works to see how to write a compact introduction.
    • c. Do an extensive review of literature of previous works concerning your topic. This will give you an idea regarding how to approach the topic.
    • The most important point is to identify your topic and give it a solid base in the introduction section.

    • Choosing a title
    • Once you have decided on your research question and the area of your study, write down the title. It should be both intriguing and informative.

    • Methodology
    • In this section, write briefly about the methods you will apply for your study. Focus on the approach to your study, whether you are applying the qualitative or quantitative method and what are the limitations of your research.

    • Objective
    • A scientific study becomes futile without a clear-cut objective. You should state clearly in your proposal what the aims of your research are; what does it want to prove.

    These are the steps you should remember while writing a research proposal.

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