The Main Steps In Dissertation Writing: A Guide For Students

Dissertation writing is one of the mandatory tasks assigned to the students of both undergraduate and post-graduate. This is generally a test to see whether the student concerned has the ability to carry out research in his/her field in future. It also proves one’s ability in imagining and writing and how apt one is for experiment or field studies. Although a student is at his/her discretion to write on his/her own, he or she needs to follow certain rules regarding this. We know that every academic work is bounded by certain rules. While embarking on this task, a student must remember the basic steps in thesis writing as follows:

The Basic Steps:

  • Before really getting started on the project, a student must decide upon the topic and its variables, meaning the different subtopics, which will provide aid to the research area as a whole

  • After this stage, a student must determine and write down the hypothesis - what he/she is going to prove through the said work. This will give the researcher a proper direction to carry out his work.

  • Now the most important decision - what will be your sample and how will you conduct the experiment. Determining the area where the work will be carried out and who will form the sample or respondents is vital. The student may rely on probability or non-probability sample for his/her convenience.

  • The way to conduct the work. By drawing up a questionnaire and handling over to the respondents for them to answer or interview scheduled where the researchers will ask the questions themselves.

  • Write a literature review. See whether any work has been carried out on the topic undertaken and jot them down. It is an essential section to be included in your thesis writing.

  • Collect the data. Apply statistical techniques suitable for the subject for data analysis.

  • The final stage to be followed is simply writing the report on what the student has discovered.

The mentor plays an important role here. Since he is guiding the entire work, it is mandatory to work out every stage by keeping him updated. A student, if he/she can spend money, can hire a professional freelancer to do all the data collection and statistical application. There are a number of verified experts available online. The student should provide all the required information to get the job done in the allotted timing. Follow these steps, and your dissertation will be completed before you know it.

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