Coming Up with Interesting Dissertation Ideas in Criminology

Your graduate project in criminology is often thought of as the final step before you start your professional life in this field or some other related profession that required such intensive study. Your dissertation is usually made much easier by choosing an original and interesting research topic. Here are some ideas you may want to consider for your own or as inspiration for developing your own:

  1. The two main elements involved in art crimes are civil and criminal. Which remedy should take precedence when it comes to art object of high value?
  2. Discuss the world’s effort to track down stolen European works confiscated by the Nazis and legal processes in which these works will be handled after their discovery.
  3. Evaluate the politics of child sexual abuse. Consider aspects concerning the state, society, the victims’ emotional health and the need to protect others from potential harm in the future.
  4. What protections should good-faith purchasers of stolen art have to ensure they aren’t left as the final victims in the illegal trade of this highly lucrative underground business?
  5. Provide an in-depth history of the biggest and most troublesome cases of innocent buyers of art that was looted in Europe during the Second World War.
  6. Do prosecution tactics concerning profiling child abuse offenders go too far in violating their personal and privacy rights. Should there be limits on revealing private details after several years?
  7. Provide a critical analysis of the difference in standards applied to in same violence – same sex cases. In what ways does battered woman’s syndrome play into how these cases are handled?
  8. Discuss how battered women syndrome has led to false or troublesome accusations. What can be done to ensure the rights of neither the accusers nor the defendants are violated before criminal proceedings?
  9. Should methods for jury selection be modified to account for crimes in which community populations are predominantly of one ethnic or social-economic group?
  10. Do you think the methods and techniques used to enter or deny psychiatric evidence in criminal proceedings should be reevaluated? Do you believe psychiatric evidence holds as much weight as it did 20 years ago?

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