What Are The Requirements For Writing A Literature Dissertation?

A literature dissertation like any other research thesis work is based on two general rules - that they should be original and should convey a unique idea. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you try and think of a topic that has never been dealt with before - instead it can be about anything and on a variety of theories as long as it is your own angle and way of looking at the material in hand. Once you have a subject ready that you wish to write about, you should better acquaint yourself with some of the basic rules of writing such a paper:

Important things to remember when writing a literature research paper

  • You need to be able to include and refer to a range of material. It is ill advised only to study one text and include its references in your paper. You should be prepared to study a wide range of related material and text to present an actual theory.
  • As far as the look of your paper is concerned, the general rule is to use the Times New Roman font in font size 12. You should also use a double spacing between each line and leave ample space along the margins so that your presentation is clear and easy to read and mark.
  • As compulsory inclusions, an Abstract is required at the beginning of all dissertations that will propose the subject in short and will be a summary of your paper. This is the best way to communicate to the reader what your work is based on.
  • You should also maintain a list of all the texts and sources you are using as references in your work - they will all need to be cited at the end of your paper in a list of Bibliography.
  • There are strict rules against plagiarism that are set by authority bodies at the institution you are associated with. It is always advisable to read all the plagiarism rules carefully before you begin writing your work so you are aware of the extent of reference material you can use and what way you should use them.

Writing a literature dissertation is an excellent way to test your research capabilities and a means of expressing a theory on a topic you’ve developed. One important thing to remember is always to discuss your paper in advance with a mentor or a member of your faculty before you begin writing.

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