Dissertation Topics In Business: Top 22 Suggestions

Business students listen up; you need to learn how to choose really god topics for your paper to stand out. When you are writing your dissertation, a good choice will help you win over the teacher’s bias. To help you out, the following are some top suggestions that you can think about as you are working on your dissertation:

  1. Explain how piracy affects business owners’ copyrights
  2. Discuss the impact of gun control on the ammunition industry
  3. Is it relevant for successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of school to share their story?
  4. Discuss the prospect of forcing the tobacco industry to contribute to research on lung cancer
  5. Explain the future of marketing under the concept of viral marketing
  6. Discuss whether it is feasible for all brands to have social media accounts
  7. Is it relevant for companies to send birthday wishes to their clients?
  8. Discuss the importance of a website to a small business
  9. Explain how influential entrepreneurs make their personal contributions to the brands they lead
  10. Discuss the disparity between the skills learned in business school and the expectations in the market
  11. Explain the impact of protectionist laws over water and other resources on the business world
  12. Discuss how the NAFTA affects the employment rates in the US
  13. Critique the use of English as the international language in international business
  14. Explain how the small businesses are affected by the European debt crisis
  15. Discuss the challenges that are associated with outsourcing major departments
  16. Call center capitals are rising from all parts of the globe, from India to South Africa. Explain the reasons for this phenomenon
  17. Discuss the prospect of outsourcing over the next 10 years
  18. The Philippines has been touted as one of the countries to watch, primed for great investment opportunities over the next coming years. Analyze this statement, providing reasons in support or against the same.
  19. Hate them or love them, China are here to stay. Discuss the important role that China plays with respect to the world of business worldwide
  20. Explain how e-commerce has evolved over the years, to get to the point where we are today
  21. Discuss how social media has turned business on its head, and made corporates pay more attention to the needs of clients
  22. Discuss some reasons why bank loans are not ideal for financing startups, and propose relevant alternatives.
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