A Quick Tutorial On Dissertation Cover Formatting For Students

If you don’t know how to go about formatting your dissertation cover, it would stress you to no end and might even be more tedious than the formatting of the main body of work. If you know the rules and requirements however, you can easily format your academic paper’s cover page without wasting unnecessary time. To further lessen the stress, it is important that you work with a sample paper. Make sure that such sample is in your field of study and more so, it is not compulsory that you should use the same font type as the one on the sample page.

Here is a quick tutorial that would help you properly format the cover of your dissertation. Here it goes:

  • Title: If your paper will be uploaded on any online database, it is important that you include related keywords in the title so that it can be easily indexed. You should also avoid the use of symbols, Greek letters and abbreviations.
  • Your Name: This comes under the title of your paper and must correspond with the name you used for your admission into the school.
  • Existing Academic Qualifications: If you already have one or more academic qualifications, you can list them under your name. The order is name of qualification (e.g. BSc.), the institution’s full name, and graduation date.
  • Degree Name: This is where you write the name of the degree for which the dissertation is written and you are looking forward to being awarded a degree. For example, Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy).
  • Faculty Name: You type the Faculty that is granting you the degree.
  • Name of Program: This is written in parenthesis. In order to make sure that you are typing the right name, you should check with your advisor or supervisor.
  • Institution Name: This is where the name of your university goes and if required, the campus name in parentheses.
  • Date: Two things are involved here. The date on the copies that are going to the examination committee is the month and year of the paper’s submission to them. For the post-defence submission, you should write the month and year of final submission.

Other elements that go into the cover of your dissertation include the copyright symbol which is usually found at the foot of your paper’s cover and the creative commons licence if you choose to go with that. With this quick tutorial and a sample page, formatting your academic paper’s cover should be quick and easier.

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