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A dissertation is more or less a self-learning course where in a student takes it upon themselves to study, research, understand, observe and make conclusions upon a particular area of interest. A thesis is something that tests your knowledge about a particular area and demands a well-organized approach in your study towards it.

The main purpose of a thesis prospectus is outline the activities and the method of approaching your research. A prospectus is something that calls for you to organize and note down what is expected of you in order for the successful completion of the dissertation. The prospectus here will be a shortened and need to only report of the actual main work. You are expected to state the purpose of your research, the need for it and how you expect to accomplish it. The strategy of approaching the topic as well as the possible problems that one might encounter in the research field is also discussed here. It also discusses the present knowledge of the student with respect to the research.

A Few doctoral dissertation prospectus examples: Some of the doctoral thesis prospectus examples are as follows:

  1. Geographic Representations of the Mars (Planet), 1867-1907
  2. Towards the Gestic Feminist Dramaturgy
  3. Messenian perspectives on the Mycenaean society
  4. Individuals & state in the Late Bronze Age Greece
  5. Documentary Film & Social Change: The Rhetorical Investigation of Dissent
  6. Manhood Up in Air: The Study of Queerness, Male Flight Attendants, & Corporate Capitalism during Cold War Era
  7. Impact of Folkloric Tourism on Traditional Style Musical Coco in Pernambuco, Brazil
  8. Undercutting the Realism or Irrealism Debate: Neo-Pragmatists & John Dewey
  9. Immortal Picture Story: Amar Chitra Katha & Construction of Indian Identities.
  10. Social Studies Teachers Learning & Using Historical Thinking in the Contemporary Classrooms
  11. Effects of Franchising Indian Rural Private Practitioners on Quality of Care.
  12. Acquisition of Intellectual Expertise: The Computational Model
  13. Ulysses Approach to the Sustainable Development
  14. Viability of the Concept Mapping for Assessing Cultural Competence for Children's Mental Health: The Comparison of Community & Theoretical Conceptualizations
  15. Application of the Cognitive Diagnosis Model by using an Analysis of the Large-Scale Assessment & Computerized Adaptive Testing Administration
  16. Empirical Study of the Product Functional Families
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