A Simple Guide To Composing A Dissertation Methodology Section

The methodology section of your dissertation is where you state the methodology you used to conduct your research and give a detailed information of everything. You will have to explain as well as justify the methodologies you employed. However, you don’t have to state the methodology you could have used or explain why you didn’t use it.

In this section of dissertation it is expected that you explain in details how you arrived at your results. You are required to show how reliable they are, and how they relate to your hypothesis. This guide is structured into sections.

  • Section I: Philosophy
  • You first state the philosophy that underpins your research. Just give an idea of what you want to prove in philosophical words. Just a small paragraph will do.

  • Section II: Approach
  • You then explain the perspective of your research, including its limitations. At this point you will also have to make a decision if you will be using quantitative or qualitative methods or if you will be combining both. Remember that each method has different ways of gathering data for analysis.

  • Section III: Strategy/Research Design
  • This section outlines how the student will collect data, explaining with reasons on the choice of the methods used. The student will also explain how he or she chooses the sample that was used, the questions that were asked and how they contributed in answering the research question. Always remember to be honest with the flaws that your design has, it provides a clear angle when visualizing your idea.

  • Section IV: Data Collection/Analysis Methods
  • In this section, give an explanation on how you collected your data, not forgetting the analysis tools that you employed. If you happened to use software tools then you have state it clearly in this section and give reasons why you opted to use them.

    Give clear explanation on how you arrived at your results and state reasons why the results are reliable.

  • Section V: Ethics, Validity Reliability and Limitation
  • In this section, discuss how you dealt with confidentiality issues and data protection. Show to which extend is your research study reliable. How valid is your study, does it test what it is meant to test? To what extend is your research applicable to other samples? Just discuss how general your study is. Finally, state or acknowledge any challenges or limitations that the study experienced.

More information on composing a dissertation methodology section can be found on the web.

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