Marketing Dissertation Topics: 10 Areas You Can Investigate

The purpose of a dissertation is to add to the existing pool of knowledge. To do that, you must make sure you choose a topic that you can put a real original and unique twist on. The following ideas will give you a starting place, but merit further research and study in order to narrow down to something that truly needs more done to expand available knowledge.

  1. Why have some loyalty card strategies been successful whereas others have not? Choose some specific examples and go into the nitty gritty details.
  2. What are the motivations of putting a loyalty scheme in place and what are the underlying expectations?
  3. Relationship marketing has almost over-ridden traditional marketing in some industries. Choose some examples, especially in light of the globalization of the economy and how businesses are scrambling to keep up to the latest innovations in marketing online.
  4. Does customer loyalty change when customers shop online at one of their favorite stores instead of shopping at the physical location?
  5. Can customer loyalty be improved using online stores and social media techniques?
  6. Comparing supermarket retailers – examining the relation between brand equity and perceived risk.
  7. How much do consumers understand the brand values of the companies they shop?
  8. What role does unethical behavior play in brand image, and what effects ensue?
  9. Can innovations support brands? How and why?
  10. Do toll-free phone numbers have a measureable effect on the response consumers make to direct sales promotions?

You will need to set clear and concise research objectives and aims. Your paper involves studying, finding, analyzing, producing results and presenting the entire package. The sooner you start writing the better. You want to keep time on your side, as your ally. Delaying the writing process only puts off the inevitable and makes you more anxious because of the lack of time to finish.

When you are writing, write as continuously as possible. If you are on a roll, keep going. Write knowing that you will be editing and rewriting much of what you have done. It’s all part of the polishing process, and is very necessary. That’s what makes a good paper into a great one. Don’t try to write your final draft on the first try. When you get stuck on one section, move to another. If the writing gets difficult, change what you are doing and then get back to it quickly.

Tips For Writing

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