A List of Potential Topics for a Master’s Dissertation in Finance

Earning a master’s degree in finance is difficult enough without having to conduct a research study and write a dissertation. This, however, is exactly what is required of you and coming up with a good topic to write your dissertation on is an extremely important step in the long process. This list of potential topics on finance should help you narrow your options. Use it as a guide or feel free to select one for your own research study:

  1. A comparative analysis of the Eastern European financial model and the Western European financial model in today’s global trade.
  2. A discussion of the growing economy in China – a Study of how the world’s most promising economy will affect the world.
  3. Investing in the future – the reasons why it’s important to invest in the next generation’s future in order to save the world’s competitive economy.
  4. Bank bailouts and the saving of the global economy. Why was it so important to the world that the United States bail out the banks rather than allow them to fail?
  5. Rethinking the NAFTA. How the North American countries have gained and lost through the trade agreement and why some countries would void the agreement today.
  6. What are the greatest concerns in terms of how America’s youth plans for its financial future? Are we headed towards a larger recession?
  7. Discussing the ways large banks should provide restrictions on the kind of people who should be allowed to borrow money to prevent another recession.
  8. How should lending companies adjust their policies so that less qualified borrowers aren’t putting others at risk because of poor management?
  9. Do you think it’s necessary for future government bailouts at the tax payers expense is the right solution for large scale companies?
  10. How has the auto industry faired since the government bailout in the last decade saved thousands of jobs and kept the industry from going overseas?
  11. How should international investment by large corporations be restricted by the federal government? Do you think it is right to have restrictions in the first place?
  12. Should the United States lift trade restrictions in order to allow more foreign investors to bring money into companies?
  13. Why should banks continue to lend money for foreign aid in countries that have very little chance of developing within the next half century?
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