Interesting Dissertation Topics For Architecture Students

On its face, architecture is a fascinating subject with so many options for further exploration. With all of these potential topics, it may seem difficult to drill down on just one. On the other side of the spectrum, it may be overwhelming weeding through each nuance to find the perfect fit for your thesis. Rest assured, this, although not the most time-consuming part of the process, once established, should help with the flow of ideas. Usually referring to homework and studies done throughout the term that was particularly gratifying help, but if not, here are a few ideas for some interesting architecture thesis topics 2021 specific for your writing.

  1. Landscape Architecture. The study and designing the outdoor environment with a special concentration in the art of garden/park design and incorporating roads and buildings. Landscape Architecture combines science with art and the possibilities for this topics are endless. When choosing this particular topic, you have already experienced site planning, urban design, land development, park and recreation design and of course landscape so any of these subtitle lend themselves to a wealth of additional information.
  2. Architectural Engineering. Professionally known building engineering is the technology arm of architecture, applying engineering and technical applications into design and construction. Within this topic, the design and planning are intermingled with other engineers and architects so not only is the subject matter of structural integrity and design available for analysis but the issue of energy conservation, fire protection, electrical and plumbing as it relates to the architecture are open for the essay as well.
  3. Art in Architectural Design. This is the broadest of the three topics, however, an architectural designer, as a profession, is a person that creates urban parks, landscapes, and buildings. Art in architecture leaves a mammoth amount of opportunity to delve into past architectural marvels of the past and how they have impacted our present day methods.

Though it seems to be overwhelming, once the topic is chosen, the research can begin. A dissertation is an organic representation of your perseverance. It is mind over matter. There are endless options and once you find the one you are most passionate about the writing will flow. Organizing your thoughts and writing a list of subcategories for each of the options to judge the depth of knowledge and resources you can gather on each of the subjects is always a good idea. Also, consider hiring a freelance editor or have a non-biased party to proofread your work as you go. If you follow the number one rule and stay organized, it will be manageable.

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