Essential Qualities Of A Well-Written Undergraduate Dissertation

When it comes to writing an undergraduate dissertation, there are a number of qualities which will make it a high-quality academic document worthy of the final project towards earning a degree. The following are five qualities that will certainly contribute to a dissertation that the majority of academics will consider veritably well-written:

  1. It Has a Great Hypothesis or Thesis Statement
  2. Perhaps the most important quality of a good undergraduate dissertation is the presence of a great hypothesis or thesis statement. It sets the tone for the entire work and helps guide the way you approach and conduct your research study. Choose a thesis statement that is neither too broad or too narrow to ensure that it remains manageable and on a single focused idea.

  3. It Contains a Number of Strong Supporting Ideas
  4. Your hypothesis or thesis statement will fail if you don’t have substantial ideas and evidence that support it. Your citations should come from reputable and credible places, such as government or academic resources. You should use each citation to bolster your argument so that the reader will consider your position on the chosen topic to be a strong one.

  5. It Is Well-Organized and Structured Logically
  6. Without organization and logical structure, even the best ideas can seem weak or unfounded. Keep the reader in mind as you write your undergraduate dissertation. Your organization and structure should align with your reader’s understanding. Just because the ideas seam clear to you, if you don’t make a connection with the reader the whole work will seem illogical.

  7. It Posses Strong Writing that Is Clear and Concise
  8. Your choice in vocabulary and sentence structure will demonstrate your command of Academic English writing. Great writing that is clear and concise will allow your ideas to flow more efficiently and will make your document much more enjoyable to read. This is the reason why it’s important to write at least a first and a revised draft of your undergraduate dissertation to ensure you remain conscientious of the way you present your ideas and engage the reader.

  9. It Is Completely Proofread and Free of All Errors
  10. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes can cost you tremendously. A reader may find these distracting and the presence of them can make your dissertation difficult to read and understand. It also points to the fact that you either procrastinated with your project and waited until the last minute to complete it or you have yet to master the nuances of great academic writing.

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