Dissertation Topics On Banking: 20 Ideas That Can Bring You Success

To receive a PhD degree, it’s necessary to write a dissertation that will reveal your potential and professionalism during the defense. Coming up with a fundamental topic is an essential step in completing this complicated and responsible task.

To perform a deep and fundamental research, you should keep in mind that your topic shouldn’t be too extensive, narrow-focused, or trite. It’s also important to remember to write about something you are passionate about. Otherwise, your work is unlikely to be appraised.

Topics on Banking to Write About in Your Dissertation

To help you make this difficult choice, we’ve created a list of themes to consider:

  1. Ways to enlarge the customer base of small and unpopular banks via the Internet.
  2. Vulnerabilities in the modern bank security systems found by hackers in the most well-known hacking attacks on the national US banks.
  3. The most secure areas to invest money in the countries with the unstable economic situation.
  4. The evaluation of life insurance efficiency for the US citizens: a waste of money or a good investment.
  5. A comparative analysis of traditional banking systems with the Internet ones: pros and cons of each of them.
  6. The impact of banking on geopolitical decisions: the example of two European countries.
  7. Assessment of political hazards banks have during international money transfer operations.
  8. Decisions of the two corporations to take bank loans to stay solvent during the economic crisis: reasons and consequences.
  9. Manipulative propaganda in the Islamic banking system.
  10. Standard indices of variability as a hazard factor in terms of investments.
  11. Prospects of Internet banking development in the early 20-s of the 21-st century.
  12. The reasons that make the three top-rank Korean banks invest in the shipping industry.
  13. What do inside and outside independent accountants anticipate seeing in the development of the American banking system? Have the differences in their anticipations become less significant?
  14. What important reforms has the International Monetary Fund adopted to change their unlawful and counterproductive policies since 2011?
  15. Cash infusions of the central bank of the United Kingdom as an arguable decision.
  16. A comprehensive analysis of the part the World Trade Organization and the World Bank take in the international commerce.
  17. How can CRAs be controlled to prevent the earlier mistakes from happening in this area in the contemporary conditions affected by the global banking crisis?
  18. What causes people to utilize mobile banking services via texting systems?
  19. Absolute banking secrecy as a way to promote money laundering: a case study of the two offshore banks.
  20. Banking innovations in the USA and Canada: a comprehensive analysis.
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