15 Examples Of Good Dissertation Questions In Education

A wide range of topics can be covered in your dissertation in education. You should just select your specific area of interest and come up with a narrow research question that will add something new to the existing knowledge in the field.

Formulating a Dissertation Question

  • Pick the education subtopic. You can explore different years of studies (preschool, primary, secondary, collegiate, university education, etc.), child development, teacher education, governmental policies, parental involvement, holistic education, home-schooling, public education, private schools, etc.
  • Develop a question on the issue you are interested in. Make sure that you can accomplish clear and concise objectives by answering it.
  • Do preliminary research to check if there are enough credible sources to base your dissertation on.
  • Make sure that you can do a qualitative study on the issue.
  • If necessary, narrow your topic down with your advisor’s help.

Using the Examples

Make use of the following selection of dissertation questions in different fields of education to create your own narrow and focused research question:

  1. Should disabled children be provided with the mainstream educational opportunities or does this strategy only boost discrimination?
  2. Should teachers whose classes perform well be rewarded proportionally to their students’ achievements?
  3. Are the students who attend preschools better prepared for the challenges of primary education in comparison with the students who aren’t covered by preschool education?
  4. What are the major goals of preschool education in different cultures?
  5. What is the role of play in early literacy development?
  6. What innovative technologies can be used to teach literacy and math? How can they be applied?
  7. What are the most effective methods of teaching English as a second language?
  8. How can the practice of problem-based learning be applied in teaching methodology? What goals can be accomplished by this implementation?
  9. What learning styles are common for primary schoolchildren and how can this information help teachers improve the effectiveness of the study process?
  10. How do home-schooled students perform and socialize in the university?
  11. Should modern education be more focused on character formation, money management, and current environmental issues rather than on the standard subjects, like chemistry and geometry?
  12. Should diverse learners be differentiated depending on their achievements or should the students who perform poorly be mixed with high achievers?
  13. How can religious education help improve tolerance to other religions and ethnicities?
  14. Should school curriculum depend on the students’ progress and how can the progress be assessed?
  15. How should teachers and parents cooperate to improve the achievements of early learners?
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