Formulating A Dissertation Topic: 8 Simple Tips And Tricks

Finding the perfect dissertation topic can be quite time-consuming. It is something that should be worked on rather than just wait for it to flow to your thoughts. Below are eight simple tips and tricks that will help you to devise the most appropriate title for your work.

Eight simple tips and tricks

  1. Generate multiple ideas. Find all the topics that can serve your dissertation and test them. Look for the one that fits your work by formulating a test that will ensure it serves its purpose fully.
  2. Be well equipped with current information. Make your topic sound as up-to-date as possible. This will enable your work stand out from the rest, and there is a great chance that nobody else has formulated a topic like yours before. Thus, it will be an eye-catcher.
  3. Choose a topic that highly interests you. Do not work on something that will only please others and earn you marks. Be passionate about whatever you choose to write about and it will be reflected in your work.
  4. Read and research broadly. Look for excellent studies in your scope of study and find your inspiration there. You can as well look at articles from a different scope of study and try to relate relevant information.
  5. Avoid politicized topics and personal issues. Settling on a topic that takes a political stand or one that expresses your personal issues may lead to unwanted controversy. It is highly advised that you stay away from writing along these lines.
  6. Start working on the topic as early as possible. This will give you enough time to develop your ideas and come up with the most relevant topic. Do not wait for last minute. Make sure your topic is flexible and be open to change.
  7. Ask for advice from your mentors. Assuming they are highly knowledgeable, you should be able to ask them to suggest a few titles. Be careful with their advice and make the final decision.
  8. Think and work strategically. Keep in mind that your chosen topic can make or break your career. Work with utmost dedication to creating a good topic.

Avoid grammatical errors and incorporate the above tips and tricks when writing and you will be able to come up with the best topic for your work.

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