Psychology Dissertation Ideas: 10 Areas You Should Consider

Psychology is a great discipline to write a dissertation in. It studies our internal world, behavior, character, and thinking processes. Even today, it’s difficult to explain all these subjects scientifically, so there are still a lot of spheres to explore. Choosing a particular area to focus on may be tricky since your thesis can’t encompass a wide range of issues.

What to Write a Psychology Dissertation About?

Below there are some effective tips on how to define the area for your research:

  • Consider your interests.
  • All the experts agree that the most important thing in choosing the field of your study is your personal attitude. Determine issues that fascinate you, as you’ll spend a lot of time on researching them.

  • Conduct a research.
  • Make sure there are enough resources to investigate the area you like. Besides, look for existing research to decide what novelty you can add to it.

When you have decided on your general field of study, try to narrow it down to a specific topic by using the following strategies:

  • Choose something important.
  • Although you can find lots of information on some topics, they won’t do because they aren’t relevant. Select an urgent issue, so it will be easier to prove the significance of your paper.

  • Make it simple.
  • Be sure you can cope with it considering the time and resources limitations. Don’t undertake unreal tasks and focus on the idea you can thoroughly research.

Relevant Themes to Research in a Psychology Dissertation

  1. Cognitive psychology.
  2. Within this area, you can study the “grandmother cells” – mysterious neurons responsible for the recognition of other people, celebrities in particular.

  3. Childrens’ development.
  4. Try to assess the extent to which conversational skills influence the child’s development.

  5. Social behavior.
  6. You may explore how crowds influence an individual’s behavior during riots.

  7. Gender psychology.
  8. An interesting issue is how female cartoon characters shape a long-standing perception of women in general.

  9. Mental health.
  10. Discover whether social networks may cause depression and lead to suicide ideas.

  11. Treatment.
  12. Think of new forms of treatment for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  13. Consumer psychology.
  14. Define what colors make us buy products and investigate how supermarkets use such techniques.

  15. Educational psychology.
  16. A relevant topic is devising ways to help children with different types of anxiety disorders perform better at school.

  17. Personality issues.
  18. You can research the motives of introverted and extroverted people for taking drugs.

  19. Evolutionary psychology.
  20. Determine whether the ability to speak is a human adaptation to living in society.

Tips For Writing

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