A List Of The Most Popular History Master's Dissertation Topics

At the Master’s level, you cannot expect academics to treat you with a feather brush. The treatment is more with an iron glove and you cannot afford to make cursory errors. This is especially in the context of dissertation.

The onus is yours

Now, History students have an additional responsibility of being true to the incidences and making the analysis after due research. Emphasizing on personal opinions may defeat the quorum of the paper.

You may choose remote topics but this will automatically increase your work. It would be hard to streamline the resources and find out practical patterns on which to conduct surveys. It therefore helps to trace popular topics and find fresh facts about them; through enquiry and intuition.

Meanwhile, here are 10 suggestive and popular History topics for your dissertation –

  1. The emergence of tribes in Africa and how they have flourished through time – There are countless tribes still existing in Africa and it would be nice to trace their origins.
  2. The known and unknown facts about Vietnam War – The War happened because of Cold War and Vietnam was made a victim. There also are a few unknown or untraveled facts about the war.
  3. The mercurial rise of USA – It is phenomenal how USA has risen into a superpower from virtually nothing in just 240 years. Pick your passages with discretion.
  4. The impact that incursions have had on India over last three millennia – It began with Alexander and ended with the British. In between, several countries have tried their hands in India. Trace the impact.
  5. The history of Middle East strife – It all started regarding the Forbidden Land and the battle goes on. Find out whether there is any chance of a truce.
  6. The fidgety position of Cuba under the umbrage of USA – Fidel Castro has lived a fearless life, but his country has faced severe oppressions. Enlighten.
  7. The strength that England has always derived from its cultural heritage – The manner in which Britain negotiated The Great Depression is a living lesson. It has been a mentally strong and unified country.
  8. The rise of Japan after the atomic bombings – It is incredible how Japan could host Asian Games in Hiroshima mere 60 years after the ghastly bombings.
  9. The indomitable spirit of Germany – Germany has been through the two World Wars and Hitler as a victim. It still holds its head high.
  10. The rise of Australia through mining and construction – Australia has had two booming periods; one through mining and the other through construction. Shed light.
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