7 Things To Avoid When Buying A Custom Dissertation

There are certain things you need to avoid when ordering a custom dissertation online. For instance, you should always avoid suspiciously cheap companies. If a company is charging $2 for a five-page dissertation on a complex chemistry topic, then there is definitely something they are not telling you. Probably the services are very poor or they will simply try to lift the whole paper from someone else’s work which is a big crime. Here are seven other things you need to avoid when buying a custom paper online;

  1. Expensive companies
  2. Unless you have so much money to spend, you should never pay over the odds for a custom paper. If someone is asking for $50, for a two-page paper, say no and find another service provider.

  3. Companies without reviews
  4. A genuine paper writing company will have customer feedback and reviews. If the website you are looking at doesn’t have reviews. The best thing is for you to walk away because it means that either the company doesn’t value customer feedback or that the company just doesn’t exist.

  5. Paying upfront
  6. You should never pay upfront. The only time you can pay is when you are 100% satisfied with the job. Until then, you should be free to request for revisions and adjustments to your work by the writer.

  7. Companies that don’t provide 24/7 support
  8. For complete peace of mind, you need 24/7 support. Essentially, this means that the company should be available to listen to your queries and attend to your needs throughout the day, every day of the week.

  9. Companies with inflexible payment methods
  10. Today, there are dozens of payment options available for online transactions. From bank transfer to Payoneer and PayPal, there are so many options to explore. The writing agency you choose should be too rigid in terms of payment options.

  11. Inexperienced dissertation writers
  12. Your work should only be handled by very experienced writers. Paper writing isn’t as simple as some people make it to appear. There are certain rules to be followed, styles to be adhered to and so many other things. You need a professional writer who can handle it all.

  13. Half-baked/incomplete instructions
  14. Finally, ensure that your writer has all the instructions needed to complete the task as required. Whatever you need to be covered in the paper, ensure that it is mentioned in the instructions.

Following these seven tips will help you avoid costly mistakes.

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